Start Me Up

July 29, 2008

You may have come here from alastair’s heart monitor, or you may have just stumbled across this site by accident.

As soon as I am able, which may not be for a few months, I intend to begin posting here, but for the meantime it’s just a meeting place for former readers of the heart monitor and a dead letter box where anyone and everyone can leave suggestions for topics they would like to see covered on this blog once it’s up and running.

So welcome, all. Nothing to see in the meantime, but please check back in late September or thereby.


10 Responses to “Start Me Up”

  1. gordie Says:

    This must be the first response.
    Do I win a prize?
    Charging….. stand back….tzzzzzzzzz

  2. almax Says:

    Well, Gordon, yes you are the first responder, but no, you do not win a prize.

    It is, however, a considerable achievement to be the first person to comment on a blog that doesn’t actually exist in any meaningful way.

  3. David Cobb Says:

    Well, I’m claiming the Silver, which must be the first time I’ve medalled!!

    Lang may the new Lum reek….

  4. Rab o' Ruglen Says:


    Best of luck with what has taken you away from regular blogging.

    Really, really miss your outlook on things (except the cricket perhaps but then that’s just me).

    Hope you settle down quickly and come back soon.


  5. David Ellis Says:

    Look forward to more from the end of September.

    All the best,


  6. AndyB Says:

    Hmm. 5th to arrive and not in a medal place.

    Drug test the first 4, at least 2 will fail and then glory is mine.

    BTW Al, my mother is getting a triple bypass in the Golden Jubilee in a fortnight so I’ve told her to read up on starting a blog and talking shite.

  7. Ian Webster Says:

    Number 6 at the ready
    Hoping to have gloomy evenings brightened up from September onwards
    What about “winking” referees as a future topic, probly beats those who ‘play the flute’
    Best of luck in advance for your future postings
    Ian W

  8. almax Says:


    Good luck to your maw – the Golden Jubilee was certainly lucky for me – they could not have treated me better there – I was in and out within a week – and immediately able to get back to the blog to continue talking sh…

  9. ---- Says:

    Al. Hugh here. Sorry about using this slot for other uses, but I don’t think my e-mail service thingy is working properly, so I’m not sure if you got the one I sent telling you that my wordpress username thingy was ——–? If it’s too late and you’ve reallocated the slot thingy, then no problem, I’ll catch you some other time.

    P.S. Sorry about all the technical terms, just internet jargon ‘n’ that.

  10. almax Says:


    Nae problems

    You should now be able to log on to the other blog (I deleted your username from the message above, because, in effect that’s your unique key)


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