Quiz Time

August 13, 2008

Nae prizes.

This is just a wee nostalgic quiz for readers of the old Heart Monitor blog – I apologise if you find yourself locked out of it now, but it’s due to circumstances really beyond my control.

Here are some pictures from the old blog – can you identify them and, where appropriate, say what story was illustrated by them? –


12 Responses to “Quiz Time”

  1. Scott Says:

    I wasn’t sure who the first picture was, but as I hovered my mouse over it – and saw the document was titled “knobend” I surmised it must be Bristow Muldoon – a man with 2 surnames.

    Did he ever reply constructively to your McKie related queries?

  2. almax Says:

    I never heard a single cheep out of Bristow – of course, now that he has the status of an ex-MSP then I expect that I never will.

    In Bristow’s entry on Wikipedia there is the following startling entry –

    “On 13 August 2007 it was announced that he had been appointed as the first Scottish Parliamentary Liaison Officer jointly for the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Royal Society of Chemistry”.

  3. bigrab Says:

    Is no. 2 Dr Crippen?

  4. almax Says:

    Good try, but incorrect, I’m afraid.

    You are on the right track though, in respect that No 2 distinguished himself in the field of murder.

  5. Dave M Says:

    No 2 is John Christie,no 4 I’ll have a guess at Damon Runyon and the building is ,i believe your old school?

  6. almax Says:

    Good stuff, Dave – all correct

  7. almax Says:

    OK – time for some answers –

    Bristow Muldoon (then a West Lothian MSP who wholeheartedly supported secrecy in the Shirley McKie case); John Reginald Christie, serial murderer of 10 Rillington Place ; Frank Kuppner, Scottish author, and author in particular of ‘A Very Quiet Street’ about Oscar Slater’s case.

    Damon Runyon comic author par excellence; Nellie Connally, who died on 2 September 2006 – she was the last survivor amongst those who had been riding in President John F Kennedy’s limousine in Dallas when he was assassinated in November 1963.

    New House looking old

    My punishment as a schoolboy for distributing the little red books of Chairman Mao’s thoughts, was to read this book; Sir Hugh Trevor-Roper (Lord Dacre) (a casualty of the Hitler Diaries scam)

    Ron Mueck’s art on display in Edinburgh

  8. Fern Cake Says:

    Testing, testing……

  9. almax Says:

    Testing’s OK – but you’re in the wrong place !!

    Go to


  10. makwuzere Says:

    Testing, testing – now that reminds me of Derek & Clive live, Jayne Mansfield and lobsters, Winston Churchill’s bogey!!! Al, when are you going to feature Pete’n’Dud in their Derek & Clive guise?

  11. Catherine Says:

    hello again.

  12. almax Says:


    You can still get access to the old blog if you follow the instructions in my e-mails – but you’ll need to set up a WordPress account and let me know your user name – let me know if you have any difficulties

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