Before the Goldrush

August 18, 2008

Uncut magazine’s web-site is reporting, a bit optimistically I fear, that Neil Young’s much-delayed “Archives” project looks likely to finally be released on November 3.

Notice how they carefully do not mention which year.

Neil’s ‘Archives’ have been ‘about to be released’ since Methuselah was a boy. In fact, at the time when they were first mooted the intended cutting-edge format was 8-track cassette.

Now, it is said that “Archives Volume One 1963-1972” will be released as a 10-disc Blu-Ray and DVD collection and is expected to feature previously released live sets including “Live At Massey Hall”, from 1971, and “Live At The Fillmore East”, from 1970, as well as never released studio tracks, demos and artwork.

What is the point in including live records that were just released a year or so ago? I’ve already paid for these discs. I don’t want to pay for them again.

But, more to the point, does anyone have the foggiest idea what Blu-Ray is? Please don’t tell me that we’ll have to invest in expensive new hardware just to hear this stuff – thank the Lord that I’ve got most of it on bootleg anyway.

Meanwhile, it is also reported that Young is also apparently due to release “Sugar Mountain” on September 29. Exact details of what this album will contain are unconfirmed, but it’s widely presumed to be another set of vintage live material.

A bootleg album, “Live On Sugar Mountain”, recorded at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles on the last night of Neil Young’s early-1971 solo tour, has long been in circulation, and it’s likely the material for this official release may well be drawn from that show.

So, like Dylan a few posts ago, there’s lots of goodies to look forward to, but with some trepidation about the price.


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