The Absolute Game Revisited – Part 52

November 7, 2010

TAG 36 – January 1994 – there’s no lolly in the biscuit tin, a move to Cambuslang beckons, Fergus McGoo waits in the wings – just one final push required to bring down the Kellys, the Whites, the Grants and Terry Cassidy – TAG provides it –




Photobucket - Video and Image HostingSack the Board, that’s whit I say, I mean it stands to reason, Celtic wur wance wan o’ the biggest names in Europe, noo these fuckin’ half-wits hae turned it intae a Mickey Moose outfit, an’ no’ wan o’ them could run a public lavvy, I mean that Kevin Kelly, what a wanker, eh?, he wouldnae know Paul Gascoigne fae Bamber Gascoigne, ken whit I mean, an’ as for his wee brother Michael, the smug wee bearded bastart that he is, he should hae stuck wi’ Mr Fuckin’ Happy and gied us aw peace, an’ whit aboot the rest o’ them, that Tom Grant, I mean fuck sake, an’ Desmond White, or is he the wan that’s deid?, anyway they’re aw bloody useless, wi’ their biscuit-tin an’ voting pact, I say they should clear the bloody lot oot an’ gie that wee Mr Magoo man fae Canada a chance, whit’s his name, Fergus somethin’ or other, mind you he must be roon the fuckin’ bend to waste his money on that shower, I mean it’s obvious that they’re goin’ nowhere, Cambuslang? aye that will be bloody right, they’ve just bought a big fuckin’ flyin’ pink elephant in a poke there, I mean that Terry Cassidy’s a fuckin’ loony but he had some good ideas, an’ that Brian Dempsey talks the language o’ the punters, no that any o’ us hae a fuckin’ clue whit he’s on aboot, right enough, I mean he’s a businessman, an’ apparently he’s found a way tae get rich punters tae invest in Sellick, though if ye believe that ye’ll believe anything by the way, mind you I couldnae gie a monkey’s wan way or the other, I support the Teddy Bears masel’ , I had that Liam Brady in the back o’ the cab wance.


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