The Absolute Game Remembered – 4

December 13, 2010


Issue 4 September 1987 – Back 4

Ayr United, East German Football, East Stirling, The League of Ireland, Hearts, Hamish McAlpine  and the Gullane Sand Dunes all get the TAG treatment. Loopy Larios explains his apostasy from Rangers (Graham Roberts features here again). Nigel Grant urges you to join the Football Supporters Association. There are the usual fanzine and book reviews and snippets about Cities Edinburgh and Brechin.

The article on East Stirling was entitled “Which Way’s Up?” and recounted inter alia that the music played pre-match (side 2 of Bowie’s ‘Low‘, apparently – or at least something like Subterraneans that may’ve in fact been the club song) was ‘coming from a speaker, an old Fidelity Music Master which was swinging from its lead like a medieval peasant newly hanged for treason‘.

An interview with the manager, Dennis Lawson, produces this hard-nosed bon mot – “When a player arrives here I tell him his ambition should be to leave

Another classic ‘Forgotten One’ –



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